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Brain States: Characterization and Neuromodulation by DBS

Brain States: Characterization and Neuromodulation by DBS

November 11-13, 2015

Brain States PosterInterdisciplinary contributions to the study of brain mechanics have greatly advanced our theories of the neurodynamic operations employed by the brain. Although the brain exhibits continuous ongoing activity, variation in the spatiotemporal patterns of activation observed across different brain regions during rest versus active processing provides valuable information about functional connectivity and strategies for information processing.

This conference will explore the most up-to-date theories of normal brain function and how these processes may be altered to produce pathological states. Furthermore, it will explore the models and methods used to describe the proposed neural strategies subserving these different brain states.

These developments can be used to transform clinical practice by employing neuroscientific diagnoses to advance more effective therapeutic interventions. In turn, scientists can use patient treatment-response assessments and clinical studies to refine their theories and develop better experimental and computational models to test them.

The theory of oscillations and their aberration in neuropsychiatric disorders is one example of the benefits of this exchange. Neurosurgeons can use oscillatory biomarkers during deep brain stimulation to improve outcomes, while scientists can benefit from electrophysiological recordings from the human brain to better understand spatial and temporal changes and causality in network dynamics.

During this conference, pathological mechanisms of disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, and OCD will be discussed together with the state-of-the-art recording and analysis techniques which help to elucidate them. Emphasis will be placed on next-generation approaches which allow the collaboration of medicine and science to advance the field from principles of organization to the causal control of function.

Organizers: Rowshanak Hashemiyoon, Veerle Visser-Vandewalle

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